Express provides:

  • Quick access to multiple vendors
  • Order approval and management
  • Flexible payment options: Purchase Order or Credit Card/P-Card



Many vendors – one order

On Express, you will find items from different vendors and can place all of the items into a single shopping cart. Product searches can be done with a variety of options to help improve the accuracy of your search. You can limit searches by vendor, category, cost, etc.

Who is eligible?

The Cooperative Purchasing Connection's Express is only available to member organizations. Eligible members are schools, cities, counties, other governmental agencies, and any 501c3 tax exempt, nonprofit organization. No personal purchases may be made. Additionally, items are not intended for resale use by an organization to any staff, student, or for any other retail sale purposes. If you have any questions regarding the use of our contracts for your organization, please contact us at  [email protected] or by phone at 888-739-3289.



Save time and reduce paper with approval workflows

Our Express site can help simplify your requisitions! No need to print or distribute multiple requisition forms, compile orders, and submit them individually to each vendor. We can help in creating approval workflows to bring all of your ordering into a digital environment.





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Express and is a program of the Cooperative Purchasing Connection

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